In order for WebWallet users to be able to participate in the upcoming chainswap, you will need to withdraw any balance from your WebWallet to either a Core Wallet or an Electrum Wallet. Furthermore, the WebWallet will be closed permanently on April 15 2021, so please make sure to switch to a wallet with which you own the keys (see suggestions below).

First Party wallets:
PC/Mac: NoirCore
PC/Mac: NoirElectrum
Android: NoirElectrum

Third Party wallets:
Android: Zcore
iOS: Zcore

You can find more information about the chainswap here:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via E-Mail, on our Discord, Telegram, or on Twitter.

Brief introduction for new comers

Noir is a cryptocurrency or a digital decentralised currency used via the Internet.

With Noir a user can transfer value, either transparently or privately, anywhere in the world without need to trust a central authority such as a bank.

The Noir (initially known as Zoin)…

To start staking from Noir you need the core wallet. The Electrum Wallet is currently not suitable for staking. You can find the core wallet on our Github The reward for staking is actually 0.66 NOIR.

Staking instructions

Unencrypted Wallet (not recommended)

Staking starts automaticly when you start your wallet and you have over 0 NOR in it.

Encrypted Wallet (recommended)

  • Click the ‘Settings’ button in the toolbar
  • Click ‘Unlock For Staking…’
  • Enter your passphrase and click ‘OK’

Note: A balance greater than 0 NOR is needed to stake!

EXAMPLE: Here you see an encrypted…


Noir team is not in any way responsible if you don’t provide a necessary hardening level to your VPS/Servers. We try to make everything simple and super easy, but if you fail to implement some basic and/or Advanced Security Level in your Noirnodes we are not responsible if disasters happen.

Dear Noir Community,

Today you will learn about the Sigma Protocol.

The Sigma Protocol is a key feature of our blockchain (like Zerocoin was before) to allow the complete anonymity of all your funds; nevertheless, learning how to use it properly will increase the privacy and safety of all of…


Noir is a decentralized digital currency created to ensure your transactions are secure, private, and untraceable. Our technology is based on the Sigma Protocol

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