How to Setup a Noir Masternode (Noirnode)


Noir team is not in any way responsible if you don’t provide a necessary hardening level to your VPS/Servers. We try to make everything simple and super easy, but if you fail to implement some basic and/or Advanced Security Level in your Noirnodes we are not responsible if disasters happen.


  • Noir Core Wallet v2.1.0.3 or later: See our Github for the latest release and release notes.
  • 25,000 Noir
  • A Virtual Private Server (VPS): A VPS is recommend as a Noirnode requires dedicated resources and 24×7 availability for proper operation. Although it is possible, in theory, to run a Noirnode from your desktop, this guide will not walk through those steps. The VPS must have:
  • At least 2 GB of RAM
  • At least 20 GB of storage space
  • A static public IP address
  • Secure the Wallet: This is optional but highly recommended. How to Securing the Noir Wallet for details.

Generating a Noirnode Key

This section describes how to generate a Noirnode key from a desktop wallet. You can associate a desktop wallet address with a Noirnode on a separate server, which this section describes.

  • Index: 1
  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/noir
  • Linux: $HOME/.noir
  • IP: Your VPS public IP address.
  • NOIRNODEKEY: Noirnode key previously generated with the noirnode genkeycommand.
  • TXID: The Transaction ID obtained using the noirnode outputs command above.
  • INDEX: The Index obtained using the noirnode outputs command above.

Server Configuration

Install Necessary Packages

  • sudo apt-get upgrade
  • sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool autotools-dev automake pkg-config
  • sudo apt-get install libssl-dev libevent-dev bsdmainutils libboost-all-dev
  • sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
  • sudo apt-get install dirmngr –install-recommends
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install libdb4.8-dev libdb4.8++-dev
  • sudo apt-get install libminiupnpc-dev libzmq3-dev
  • sudo apt-get install libqt5gui5 libqt5core5a libqt5dbus5
  • sudo apt-get install qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler libqrencode-dev
  • ufw allow ssh/tcp
  • ufw limit ssh/tcp
  • ufw allow 8255/tcp
  • ufw logging on
  • ufw enable

Download, Build & Configure the Noir Wallet

First, clone the latest version of the Noirwallet into your home directory

  • ./
  • ./configure –without-gui –enable-wallet
  • make
  • nano ~/.noir/noir.conf
  • <password>: Any secure password, although the rpcallow= configuration prevents access outside the server itself.
  • <noirnode-ip-address>: The public IP address assigned to your server. Refer to your VPS provider documentation for details on how to assign and obtain your public IP address.
  • <noirnode-key>: The key of the wallet address that will be associated with your Noirnode as documented above.
  • ./noird

Noir is a decentralized digital currency created to ensure your transactions are secure, private, and untraceable. Our technology is based on the Sigma Protocol